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closing shop

This journal is indefinitely closed, mainly because I realized I have nothing interesting to say (and on those occasions where I do have something interesting, I'm unwilling to reveal it in public).


A cute adventure game from the creators of Samorost.

A small, short demo is available. I'd buy this as soon as I had the chance (and money).



Summer holiday is almost here. School is practically dead right now and there are no lessons to speak of. Soon I'll be able to stop waking up so early in the morning.

On a less positive note, I seem to have overdosed on caffeine, hope it won't have lasting effects

So much for Duke Nukem Forever

Oh crap. :(

edit: Well whaddaya know, looks like 3D Realms is going to stay after all. Can't say the same for DNF though. Gentlemen, we are witnessing a death of a legend.


Yes, that's true. The old, classic website host, on which thousands of interesting early websites reside, many of them with irreplaceable, priceless content - is going to be shut down by Yahoo. This is absolutely infuriating and deeply shocking. It amounts to a destruction of a large chunk of Web history. It's like burning the Alexandrian library, only with less smoke.


Apr. 16th, 2009

My Gosh, gen, what have you done to me via this post? I spent a lot of time posting this awesome image (warning: breasts) to each single forum I could think of. How many games can YOU recognize?

In case you want answers, this appears to be the most exhaustive list.

Why, Yes, I *am* Voting for Global Warming

On March 28, everyone can choose between Earth and global warming. If you leave your lights on this March 28, 8:30-9:30pm local time, then you're voting for global warming. If you turn it off, you vote for Earth. -- www.smartschools.ph/SmartSchools/SmartTools/VoteEarth.htm

Why, yes, I am going to leave the lights on on that hour. In fact, I'm going to turn every single light in my home on. It shall be a manifesto; it shall show that I'm fully opposed to all this idiotic ecology paranoia.

...'Course, I doubt anyone in my neighborhood is going to join the moronic fun, so I guess my manifesto won't have much effect.

Is the Gender Genie Worth Anything?

I've decided to check the veracity of the Gender Genie. How effectively can it recognize one's sex? I've fed the following writing material to the GG, to see if it would recognize the author's gender appropriately:

Agatha Christie, "The Mysterious Affair at Styles", Chapter 1. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
Herman Melville, "Moby-Dick", Chapter 1. Recognized correctly as Male.
H. P. Lovecraft, "At the Mountains of Madness", Chapter 1. Recognized correctly as Male.
Mary Shelley, "Frankenstein", Chapter 1. Recognized correctly as Female.
Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations", Chapter 1.
Recognized incorrectly as Female.
Jane Austen, "Pride and Prejudice", Chapter 1. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
Mary Proctor, "Martians Build Two Immense Canals in Two Years", from The New York Times August 27 1991. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
René Descartes, "Discourse on the Method", Part 1. Recognized correctly as Male.
Weekly radio address delivered by U.S. President George W. Bush on January 27 2001. Recognized correctly as Male.
Remarks by Condoleezza Rice at the 2000 Republican National Convention. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
Eric Chaney, "Fighting the Global Inflation Monster", from Wall Street Journal Europe, 25th March 2009. Recognized correctly as Male.
Jane Macartney, "Film of Tibet violence may have prompted China to block YouTube", from The Times Online, 25th March 2009. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
Martin Luther King, Jr., the speech "I've Been To The Mountaintop". Recognized incorrectly as Female.
Kathleen Parker, "Another McCain Throws Down a Challenge", from Washington Post, 25th March 2009. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
3rd February 2009 entry from Genesis Whitmore's blog. Recognized correctly as Female.
"May 2007 Road Trip, Day Three", the 14th May 2007 entry from Prester Scott's blog. Recognized correctly as Male.
"The Ultimate Taxpayer Victory Over D.C.", the 23rd March 2009 entry from Marc Fisher's blog. Recognized incorrectly as Female.
"There Must Be 77 Ways for Twitter to Make Some Money (But BoomTown Is Backing the Aniston Solution!)", the 24th March 2009 entry from Kara Swisher's blog. Recognized correctly as Female.
"The Laughter Lover", the 15th March 2009 entry from Mary Beard's blog. Recognized incorrectly as Male.
And finally, all my previous blog posts rolled into one chunk of text. Recognized correctly as Male.

Bottom line:
- There are 20 samples of text, fragments of fiction, non-fiction and blog posts, which I have used. 10 of them were written by women, 10 by men.
- 14 samples (70%) were recognized as male and 6 (30%) as female. It seems that the Genie has a preference for men.
- Exactly 10 samples (or 50%) were recognized incorrectly. This is the worst possible result. Remember that there are only two possibilities that the Genie can choose from. Even a 0% rate of success would be great; you'd only have to invert the Genie's answer to get the truth. In fact, if we knew the success rate would be below 50%, then we could invert the answer each time to get a right answer more than 50% of the time. But when the success rate is 50% then there's no need for a fancy algorithm - we might as well choose the result randomly.

I do not know to what extent these results might be accurate. The 20 samples used might be a too small amount. But all my experiences with the Genie so far suggest that it's got an interesting concept -- but is, in fact, nothing more than an impractical toy which may be fun at first but quickly gets boring.

Retroaction magazine!

It's not the newest news, but the 1st issue of a very promising zine is available for download. Excellent articles, nice design, interesting subjects, so get it now, if you're into retrogaming!

Valentines aftermath

Okay, so the Valentines are today, but my school celebrated them yesterday (today being weekend and all). For a small fee, you could play (through the school PA system) a chosen song with a dedication to a specific person, or send someone a Valentine card. This, in my opinion, is a great method for embarrassing someone in front of the whole school/class: just order a song, end it with "Dedicated to the fluffy-scruffy-lovable..." and listen as the unfortunate soul is laughed at by all the students. No such incidents occurred yesterday though; no one bought even one song. With love so unpopular, no wonder the population growth in Poland is negative!

In private news: the carton of milk which was to expire in a month turned out to be way past its due date. My Gosh, I actually drank some of this thing. Yeuch.